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In the winter this pub-come-wine bar lures you in with its roaring open fire, fine selection of wines and vast array of scrumptious comfort food (how does salmon fishcakes or macaroni cheese sound?). You can even sit out on the decking and survey Flushing across the water, if you think you're hard enough... Actually, you don't have to be that hard  - owners have kindly provided a heater on the terrace, and the music trickles out from outside speakers to make you feel even warmer.

In the summer, the terrace is even more appealing on sultry summer evenings when the sun sinks slowly over the water...and your gin and tonic sinks (slightly faster) down your throat.

The Boathouse is almost everything you could want in a watering hole. The food is very good, and excellent value for money (the small but perfectly formed menu averages 7.00, and they do a mean Sunday roast). The selection of ales and wines is more than adequate, and the music is varied and carefully selected to suit the mood, which certainly adds to the ambience.

Tables are pine, the floor is pine, the walls are paneled and there are even little fairy lights strung behind the bar to create an almost grotto-like effect. Into the bargain, you can almost always get a table in here, despite its popularity with punters of varying ages.

If you fancy a quiet pint on your own this is also the place to come. Every Sunday night you can enjoy live music performed by artists of varying talent, and if there isn't any music to amuse you, newspapers are thoughtfully provided. And if you really get bored, there is even a selection of board games to play, from the 70s classic Battleship to the 80s 'must have' Trivial Pursuit. Who could ask for more?


The Boathouse, Trevethan Hill,  Falmouth
Tel:  01326 315425

Opening hours:
Friday- Saturday 12pm-11pm, Sunday 12pm-10.30pm, Monday-Thursday  5pm-11pm
Food served 2.30 pm-3pm and 6.30pm-9.30pm. No food served on Sunday evenings.

Review by Nicola Smith

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