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The Central Inn

By day, The Central Inn in the heart of Newquay is the perfect place to relax, have a drink and a bite to eat and watch the world go by - quite literally!  With its central location and vast front terrace filled with continental style tables, chairs and patio heaters, it's pure people-watching heaven!  Whether you're looking for a light lunch, a cappuccino or a liquid lunch, Central's comprehensive bill of fare is sure to satisfy your needs in a genuinely relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 

The menu is extensive.  Choose from hot and cold baguettes and ciabattas to jam-packed jacket potatoes, fish and chips to chilli beef nachos.  And for the perfect finger food to share go for the spiral fries, loaded skins or wedges with your choice from a massive range of dips!   The coffee menu is bursting with authentic Italian flavours - cappuccinos, lattes, espressos... together with an abundant range of teas and hot chocolate (with optional whipped cream and marshmallows for the sweeter tooth!)

By night, however, The Central Inn changes shape considerably!  At the weekend, the tables and chairs move aside, the dancefloor opens and the party begins!  Justifiably one of Newquays favourite pre-club bars, The Central serves up a perfect mix of music and cocktails!  Downstairs you can hit the dancefloor to the latest in commercial dance and party tunes and upstairs you can check out the talents of Newquays original Tom Cruise styled bottle spinning bartenders whilst enjoying a Tequila Sunrise or a Brain Haemorrhage!

On Sundays the tone changes once again with the chance to showcase your talents in the weekly karaoke session and The Centrals' massively successful karaoke competition held earlier this year looks set to be repeated in February 2005.  The Central Inn also covers all major live sporting events on their big screen TVs, which are dotted all around the pub to ensure that you've got a front seat ticket!  And staying on a sporting note, The Central is the ideal place for a game of pool with three tables set in spacious areas of the bar, so no more hitting walls (or people!) with your cue!

Keep you ear to the ground for all that's going on at The Central in 2005!  With a complete refit planned in the early part of the year, the sequel to the karaoke competition and the introduction of live bands to the agenda, The Central is most definitely the place to be!

Reviewed by Kelly Broderick

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