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Art Scene - Capturing Memories

Have you ever looked at a photo and found that it really captures a memory for you, even if you weren’t actually there at the time? Well, that’s what Heidi Westbrook’s photography does for me. These images are my memories growing up in Cornwall: long summer evenings drawing in after a day spent relaxing on the beach, watching the surfers and listening to the sound of the waves... and most people in Cornwall will probably feel the same.

Heidi Westbrook first appreciated photography whilst living in the Lake District. After being commissioned to do a series of pastel drawings, she soon found that pastels, easels and the great outdoors don’t always mix.

‘I found that photography was the only way I could capture the beauty of the light,’ says Heidi, ‘which can last mere seconds.’

Heidi soon started selling her prints, and after moving back to Newquay, she found that the prints were proving to be extremely popular. Support from The Prince’s Trust enabled Heidi to invest in equipment and build her own business, and what started as a hobby soon became a part time job. Heidi now retails hand made photo cards to outlets in Newquay, Crantock, Cubert and Holywell Bay, and sells framed prints through a number of shops, hotels and restaurants, as well as online.

Specializing in land and seascapes, Heidi has a passion for sunsets and surfing, which Cornwall is renowned for.

‘Newquay offers me a fantastic range of images - right on my doorstep! I have seen Fistral beach a thousand times at sunset, yet never fail to be amazed at how different each one is. Cornwall is a gem of a place for anyone interested in images - whether it be paintings, photographs or graphics.’

‘My inspiration is always to reflect where I am living. I aim to capture the moments we may see, but don’t have the time to appreciate as we lead our busy lives. Once on film, those moments are captured forever.’

For more information on where to buy Heidi Westbrook’s cards and prints, please contact Dune Dreams Photography on 01637 854225 or email dunedreamscard@yahoo.co.uk. You can also visit www.dunedreams.co.uk.

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